Meet the ADS Staff

Brian Whyers - Founder, COO

Overseeing day-to-day operations, hires and revenue streams, and even some production when time allows, Brian has seen ADS grow to an agency with over 300 active clients and a full staff of designers and programmers. With a BA from the Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis (Music Business), he helped begin and run several small businesses there before moving to Chicago in 1991. With a knack for seeing the shortest distance to a given point, he excels at "strategy within budget", having fine-tuned process maps for artwork and web design/dev. for well over a decade.

Brian is a Christian, happily married to his wife Cheryl with two children and new grand-daughter Ella. Brian is a bit of an audiophile, a motorcyclist, scuba diver, enjoys science, history, speculative fiction, audio books, and playing chess, poker and especially, drums and percussion. Overheard at his last gig, he touted "I can bend minds with my spoon."

Arik Savage - Admin, Developer, Designer

Arik (or Eric to you technical, government types) started with ADS in April of 2012. He is a jack-of-trades who graduated in '08 with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in English from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Arik wears many hats: designer, copy writer, bowler, book keeper, top...

Outside of ADS he is a writer of fiction, satire, and penguins with two (yet unpublished) novels under his belt. Other hats from days past have included Shakespearean actor, set constructor, and costume/props maker. He loves the challenge of working with ADS on a wide variety of projects with a variety of clients. IN his time at ADS, Arik has also developed a strong interest in coding, raising his abilities from mid-nineties Geocities levels to a general understanding of PHP. He hopes to continue learning every day at ADS.

Stefan Miller - Developer

Stefan is passionate about software and web application development, and is eager to learn about new technologies. He has been involved for many years in the publishing field, but now happy to provide reliable applications for people and businesses that need to publish and to manage their online content. Usually he is busy with his work and his studies but he also enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

Chris Corbett - Developer, Consultant

As a Web Developer, Chris has been pushing the envelope of modern design, always researching emergent technologies and embracing them. He strongly feels that the look and feel of a site reflects greatly on the business it represents. He has many years of experience with various types of programming languages but favors open-source platforms for their community-based contributions and feedback. He specializes in jQuery fluidity and AJAX interactions, giving websites more of an interactive application look and feel. He also excels at database development and visualizations and has wrangled some pesky requirements into his wheelhouse.

Adam Bowen - Web Developer & Ecomm

Currently a former resident of Hungary, Adam recently became a real person—he has a job and everything. He got a B.A. in Mathematics (he likes to think he is a B.A. in Mathematics) from Beloit College. He likes math for the pretty stuff, and the thinking bits, all of which may help him in his future career as a web designer / developer, copywriter and author of books that no one will read.