Secure, Managed Hosting and Email Service for Less

3 years at 50% off* on our turnkey, premium solution:
complete website hosting + barracuda spam & virus protection + Mailenable mail client

Dell Servers

* valid for contracts issued by April. 1, 2019 on 3 years of hosting (normally $325 annually) at $162.50 each - discount must be requested at time of order. Hosting is for standard database-driven, brochure sites that are not e-commerce, and up to 25 email accounts.

**Responsive design is included in all new website builds by ADS, contact us for info on retrofitting a current site with responsive functionality.

Interested? Please email Brian Whyers or call 847-425-9907 and mention this Hot Deal.

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Website hosting and, in particular, email service needs to be secure in today's online environment. The unknown factor of multiple servers in a given cloud solution, especially when at large hosting providers with 100's of employees, are environments where security and service can be compromised. Using ADS for your website hosting and email service facilitates:

  • knowing where your domain name is controlled and renewing with login credentials to effect change
  • knowing where your DNS is controlled and have contact info to effect change
  • having 10-days of backups (10 full sets of email, web files and databases) available, monthly offsite backups
  • having SPF, DKIM, DomainKeys and DMARC reporting using clean IP's on mail servers configured for optimal email delivery
  • having spam and virus firewalls before and at your email server (preventing DDOS attacks) and keeping things fast
  • having 30 days of emails that were blocked - available for delivery - with login credentials to review and manage
  • having responsive design for your website** and email access
  • reaching someone if there is an issue, 24-7 / 365